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In 2002, Dr. Gert R. Polli was appointed Head of the Austrian Civil Intelligence Service (BVT), a position he held until 2008. Prior to this, Dr. Polli spent 25 years as a serving Officer in the Austrian Armed Forces, much of it in the Foreign Intelligence Service. Whilst Head of the Civil Intelligence Service, he also chaired the "Middle European Conference" and the influential Club of Bern.

After leaving the BVT, in 2008, Dr. Polli was presented with the "Grand Decoration of Honour" for his services to the Republic of Austria' by the President of Austria. Since then, Dr. Gert R. Polli has held a number of important positions in the commercial sector, including that of "Head of Corporate Security" for Siemens AG, Munich.

Dr. Gert Polli holds a PhD from the University of Vienna and a Masters Degree (Civil-Military Relations and Intelligence) from the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in Monterey, California. He also retains the title of 'Senior Security Adviser' to the Ministry of Interior (Austria).

In founding Polli & Associates - Dr. Gert R. Polli is offering a lifetime of experience and expertise to individuals, companies, and organisations who, from time to time, may need to call upon the specialist skills of him and his associates to deal with a particular threat or opportunity.