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“The United Nations recognises almost 200 countries. Each one has its own form of government, laws, identity, culture, and customs - not to mention politics and ways of doing business. That’s where polli-IPS comes in. Through our international network of contacts we have access to political and economic information that is not readily available.”

Dr. Gert R. Polli - Chief Executive, polli-IPS

Global Market Intelligence

If your company or organisation markets its products and services internationally, has suppliers or manufacturing facilities in other countries, or is involved in any other kind of international operations polli-IPS can help you exploit the opportunities whilst minimising the risks.

Exploiting Opportunities
There are many opportunities waiting to be exploited out there in the big wide world. But proceed with caution. Every threat is an opportunity - every opportunity is a threat! Some of the biggest brand names in the world have learnt lessons the hard way because they failed to take precautions or do any due diligence. That’s where polli-IPS comes in. With contacts in every major market we can help minimise the risk.

Protecting Your Business
Whether you are a multi-national corporation or a small/medium enterprise (SME), your business is at risk. Industrial/economic espionage is a growing concern. It costs European companies billions of Euros every year as does trade mark violations and intellectual property (IP) theft. Polli-IPS can minimise this kind of threat by helping to to put the necessary safeguards in place.

Protecting Your Employees
Working in hostile and other hazardous environments can be rewarding but one must take steps to protect your employees. At one end of the scale, this may entail comprehensive safety briefings whilst, at the other end of the scale, it may involve providing qualified close support personnel. Either way, one cannot take chances when peoples lives are at stake. That’s where we come in. Polli-IPS can help you asses the risks and provide the appropriate level of of support, almost anywhere in the world.

Special Projects/Missions
In addition to our other services, polli-IPS can provide personnel with specialist training and/or expertise to undertake, or assist with, sensitive projects. For more information, please contact Dr. Gert R. Polli.

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